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    Designed to meet your individualistic needs,
    e.g. money required for home renovation, education, repayment of
    credit card or other forms of personal loan

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    Business Loan

    Deliberately put together to fill into
    any type of corporate business needs.
    Fast and extremely affordable

About Us

Top Pioneer Capital Sdn Bhd is a licensed money lender with a reputation to boots.
Top Pioneer Capital Sdn Bhd was granted our money lending license no.(WL5416/10/01-7/050220)
by the ministry of Housing & Local Government under the money lenders Act 1951.

The money lender team of people at Top Pioneer Capital Sdn Bhd has a best experience to help you.
We have learnt a lot about your specific needs for money lending facilities.

Follow By Law

We adhere to strict law in terms of running our business;
this is to ensure that we deal with each and every money lending accounts in our hands as professionally and efficiently as possible.
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Keep It Simple

We understand that each client has different needs and circumstances and that's why we "KEEP IT SIMPLE"
we will explain all costs involved with a loan and go through the different loans option that is available to you.